Culture and Civilization Matters

July 8, 2009

Defining and Identifying a Regional Culture

GLOBE is an acronym for “Global Leadership and Organization Behavior Effectiveness,” a 62 nation, 11-year study involving 170 researchers worldwide. Robert House, GLOBE’s Principal Investigator contends that, “There is ample evidence that cultures of the world are getting more and more in contact. The business world is becoming more global.”


House further suggests that, “Although globalization opens many opportunities, it also creates many complex challenges. That is why a survey of Fortune 500 firms showed that having competent global leaders is the most important factor in business success. The same survey showed that 85% of executives do not think they have and adequate number of global leaders.”

The Globe Project findings can enhance global managers’ global competence and cultural acumen. It compares countries on nine critical cultural dimensions (see below) and discusses the implications of the cultural similarities and differences for global managers.


Throughout the course we will be using these cultural dimensions that Cornelius Grove describes as’ “The Measuring Rods of Cross Cultural Research,” in his summary (click HERE) of the Globe Study to compare and contrast cultures during in-Region activities.

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