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October 24, 2009

WELCOME to TERM 2: Next Stop…..Dubai

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Congratulations on completing Term 1, and welcome to Term 2!

London is now behind you and the next stop is Dubai, one of seven emirates and the most populous state in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As was the case with London, we have developed a set of blog pages with rich-media content that we believe you will find relevant to the topics we will be discussing in the course in Dubai.

We have created separate pages that cover the following topics for your review:.

Here is the outline:

    Preparing for Dubai – History and Background: Click HERE to view.

    Huntington Revisited – The Western/Islamic Fault Line: Click HERE to view.

    Islam, Sharia Law, Relational Models and the Sunni/Shia Split: Click HERE to view.

    Islamic Economics, Banking, Business Practices and Cultural Dimensions Click HERE to view.

We encourage you to review the contents of this blog and to post any comments, questions or issues that come to mind as a result of having done so. Also, if you have good resources to add to the discussion, please be sure to include them in the Comment Section.

It is our sincere hope that we will begin a robust virtual dialogue via this blog that we can synthesize during our time together during our time together in the residency.

See you in Dubai!

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October 23, 2009


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Dubai has been ruled by the Al Maktoum dynasty since 1833 and its current ruler, Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum is also the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE.

Although the Dubai’s economy was originally built on the back of the oil and gas industry, it accounts for less than 6% of the emirate’s US$37 billion economy today. The main revenue drivers in Dubai today are Tourism, Real Estate and Financial Services. In fact, before the most recent financial crisis, Real Estate and Construction alone contributed 22.6% to the economy as evidenced by this 60 Minutes video report from 2006:

Recently Dubai has been receiving significant attention as a truly modern Global City and 21st Century Business Hub. In fact, the emirates population of over 2 million people is only 26% Arab (17% of whom are Emirati). The largest nationalities represented are Indian (42%) and Pakistani (13%).

A significant driver of this world-wide attention comes from the comprehensive Dubai Strategic Plan for 2015.


The complete plan can be read here.

The recent global financial crisis will require that this aggressive strategic plan be revised. On June 1, 2009 the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, held an e-session with citizens where he commented:

“In 2005, we were successful in achieving the objectives of the 2010 plan. Therefore, we had to revise our plan, coming up with the 2006-2015 plan. Following a similar logic, the implications of the global financial crisis required that we revise our 2015 plan. The plan is currently under a careful review, wherein we are monitoring all the developments in the financial markets and the global economy. Should we feel that the timelines set for our initiatives need to be adjusted, we will adjust them in order to maintain a reasonable and actionable plan, and ensure the achievement of its objectives”


So, as you arrive in the region, it is important to understand that the ongoing tension that Dubai has been dealing with: Remaining true to its Arabic and Islamic roots while striving to become a leading hub in the 21st century market economy is at an all time high.


The financial crisis is no doubt giving pause to Emirati rulers as they contemplate the next set of strategic decisions for Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Will Dubai be the poster child for Middle East 2.0? or will Arabic and Islamic Traditions undergo a resurgence in the “Las Vegas of the Middle East” thus dampening Dubai’s ability to become the Middle East’s hub of the Modern Day Economy?

Tell us what you think by taking the POLL:


Thanks to Joseph Leung for pointing out the following “Doing Business in Dubai” resource from the Economist (I guess we should give a nod to Tom Standage also ; ).

It is a 13 minute audio brief, but those of you who reviewed it on the discussion board gave it a thumbs up so I am posting it here for all to use.

dubai biz

You can hear the audio by clicking here and selecting the Dubai audio brief.

Finally, a quick thumb through this presentation from Chris Abraham is well worth a look. If you get all the way through to page 58, I think you will become increasingly excited about upcoming residency!

Dubai here we come!

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